dog grooming salon

Hi my Name is Emma I am the owner and Groomer here at Scruffs, I am a small business that provides professional dog grooming in a positive and relaxing environment.

I treat every dog as if they are my own by providing the same kindness, care and 100% attention each and every time.

One way in which I achieve this is by spacing out my appointments so each dog can be groomed on a one to one basic. The majority of my dogs are ready to picked up in 1-2 hours after arrival, dogs with longer or thicker hair may take longer. I do no use cages here and once your dog has finished having a pamper they can run around the salon play ball or just relax on the beds I have here 

Grooming is made as much fun as possible to ensure that stress is kept to a minimum, so that your dog is more relaxed and learns to tolerate and even enjoy being groomed.

Time is taken with your dog to build up a bond and trust.